Friday, December 30, 2011

Designing for Flex

Flex 3 has a significantly different design and development paradigm from Authorware. As you evaluate tools to replace Authorware, or if you have already decided to develop your eLearning solutions using Flex 3, you should read the Designing for Flex series, an extensive article that will give you a good understanding of Flex 3 from the design perspective.

The Designing for Flex series includes the following articles:

Part 1: Overview and discovering Flex

Part 2: Planning your application

Part 3: Structuring your application

Part 4: Merging the web and the desktop

Part 5: Designing content displays

Part 6: Guiding with motion

Part 7: Making your application fast

Part 8: Making your application safe

Appendix A: List of best practices

Appendix B: For further reading

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