Monday, January 11, 2010

Embedding and animating fonts in a Flex application

Embedding and animating fonts in a Flex application: "
I meant to post this earlier, and I already touched on font embedding in an earlier post (Building a basic controller for the VideoDisplay control), but here’s a quick little way to embed a font in a Flex application.

In this example we embed a font (the awesome “Base 02″ PC TrueType font (TTF) from, animate it using the Zoom effect and the Elastic.easeOut easing method. We also set the rotation and alpha properties (which you can’t do with non-embedded fonts), and we set the fontAntiAliasType to “advanced” to give the font a cleaner look. Finally we use the effectEnd event to loop the animation.

Full code after the jump.


flex animating fonts

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